About us

We grow our own plants directly on our family farm in Hungary, free from pesticides and chemicals with lots of dedication and perseverance and integrity.

Peter, the founder and producer gained his knowledge of plants through studying Artemisia Annua a good few years ago. Developing his own technique of growing Artemisia Annua with experimenting different soil conditions, irrigation techniques and facing common challenges in the beginning stages until perfecting the art. Today, the plant is flourishing and loving the care and it’s sunny and accommodating climate. Peter s keen interest in all farming and vegetation as well as livestock originated in the early 70’s. Having an earnest passion and drive runs in the family with his father a former garden engineer for the Ministry Department.

But this amazing wonder first caught his attention when traveling and settling many years in different parts of Africa. In Madagascar this plan has been known for a long time with successful plantations. He was looking for alternative treatment for prostate cancer and has then discovered this unique and extraordinary plant and it’s effortless healing abilities.Of course this plant has a deep seated precedence in Chinese medicine.

Other produce we are growing for our own consumption are sweet potatoes, nettle, marigold, black burdock, black currant, tomatoes, chillies and sour cherries.

By using and cultivating this amazing herb, we can provide care and prevention that so many individuals need.

We re simply wanting to share our knowledge and experience to those who are looking for a potent and powerful natural alternative to traditional medicine. It is important to understand the holistic approach of body and mind connection. We are interesting in a genuine quality, value and personal service and peace of mind.

We listen, and thus would love to hear your feedback and personal stories of healing. Please do not hesitate to tell us your personal journey and share your experience.

Thank you for reading!

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