Natural remedies for Athlete’s foot

athlete's foot infection

Natural remedies for Athlete’s foot

Athelete’s foot a quite common fungal skin condition, better known among sportsmen and in locker rooms.  Fungus can be contracted easily in public locker rooms, showers and changing rooms due to the moist and warm environment.  In some people the athlete’s foot can be painful, sensitive due to blisters which can form small ulcers on the skin and leave the foot exposed.

Vinegar is recommended for a mild treatment specially to cool, soothe irritated and cracked skin as well as for the burns and itches experienced with athlete’s foot.

Many swear by Epson Salt in a foot soak preparation that relieves the symptoms of toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and is used for general detoxification of the body. Because of its magnesium sulfate properties, it eliminates the unpleasant odor associated with a fungus and also acts as an anti inflammatory agent.

Tee Tree Oil, an extremely popular remedy is recommended that could treat common symptoms. Tee Tree oil naturally rich in anti fungal properties as well as anti-fungal and anti-viral. A foot soak is then prepared with a few drops of Tee Tree Oil diluted in luke warm water. However Tee Tree oil can also be mixed with coconut oil and to be applied to the areas of the feet as an ointment.

Garlic is another miracle food that has been used as a topical treatment if applied crushed twice to the affected area usually between the toes. Clean socks is a must every day and keep clean towels and do not share towels as it is contagious. It is important to always dry the foot off after bathing.

It is advisable to also treat the shoes and socks to make sure all bacteria is killed off. This is especially important to follow if you are a sufferer of reoccurring fungal infections of the foot.

If you have not yet been able to find the over the counter solution and tired of endless creams, powders and chemical based solutions that do not work, why not give natural treatments a try? Artemisia Annua is another great herb that can treat athlete’s foot successfully and quickly with lasting treatment. You can use the Artemisia Annua salve daily until completely gone, and then once a week as maintenance and prevention. Even the Sweet Wormwood Oil extract formula is a powerful agent against fungal infections and because it is very concentrated, use wisely!

Athlete’s foot is more common in warmer climates and in the summer months where it spreads faster so the risk of catching a fungal infection is of course higher.

Anyone with a weakened immune system can contract a fungal infection or if you are taking antibiotics. In most scenarios they are treatable quickly and do not cause serious harm.