Testimonial: Artemisia to help against malignant stomach growths

artemisia annua close up

Testimonial. 1 by Anna. V from Hungary in her own words:

Of course, as with anyone who struggles with cancer, they almost jump to every alternative. That was how I was until I met Artemisia annua. I’ve been on 5 chemotherapy treatments, have been suffering from stomach metastasis since March 2019, my condition has improved and new probable bone metastases have developed. I tried several alternative agents, but unfortunately none of me could make such a radical change as artemisia.

I was in a critical and weak state when I met artemisia only three weeks ago. Since then, only the quality of my health has improved and my condition has returned to normal. Until now, persistent and persistent nausea, but vomiting with artemisia, has not been overcome. My blood oxygen level improves almost day by day, I breathe easier, not suffocate so much. I can go out into the air several times a day or walk in the apartment, and I haven’t even got out of bed before. My hypertension is now almost normal. Almost day by day I feel more strength, of course there are days when the pain is higher which is quite normal because my organization struggles.

I am tremendously grateful to Peter for introducing me to this miraculous plant and for giving me some useful advice. In the coming times I will be sharing my personal experience constantly because I want people to know more about this preparation.
Thank you very much Peter for all the work and help we receive from you.trust I can help everyone with this.

Sincerely, Anna

December 5th 2019.