Herbal Remedies

health benefits of tea

Treating and preventing diseases the alternative way.

Self-diagnosis and self-medication could lead to health risks. Before making any important health decisions educate yourself and seek advice from a competent medical practitioner.

The use of herbal medicine does not exclude the use of other medicine. Herbals are often complementary to prescription drugs. In some cases herbals can be used instead of synthetic drugs.

Herbs have shown through the test of time and scientifically to be affective against common diseases and effective in prevention.

Medicine is used for the treatment of diseases, not for prevention. Anyone suffering from chronic or long term illnesses or pain, know that the use of conventional medicine does not have all the answers. In search for alternative treatments, patients turn to their physician for advice on the use and efficacy of herbal medicine but are often discouraged and many doctors don’t have the ability to help. Most healthcare practitioners are not trained on the use of herbal medicine and can therefore not help patience’s looking for alternative ways to treat their condition.

Doctors follow the protocol and work with the tools they learned in medical school. The patient describes their symptoms, the doctor recognizes those symptoms and then proceeds to prescribe the medicine or protocol they were thought to follow.

People are looking for instant health and want to be get well immediately. When we get let down by modern medicine and left frustrated when taking pill after pill and not curing the actual cause of our condition or left with bad side effects caused by the harsh chemical components of drugs.

More and more people are looking for alternatives and better waysto ensure a longer and healthier life. They are moving towards alternative medical approaches.

Studies have already proven the efficacy of herbs as medicine. Each herb has hundreds of chemical constituents in them.If we think about how people used to treat sicknesses in primitive ages before pharmaceuticals were invented and how they used plants to make them feel better. Even animals are known to seek plants in the wild which are known to have medical properties. Most animals are also known to avoid plants which are toxic.

There are of course advantages of conventional or synthetic pharmaceuticals over herbal medicine, because they are more concentrated in specific properties which at times causes them to work faster. On the other hand herbs contain many active constituents which often act synergistically with each other to enhance their effect. When taken correctly, herbals have virtually no side effects as compared to synthetic medications. In fact, herbs tend to enhance body system rather than delete them. Certain herbs enhance the immune system and don’t destroy the natural flora of the digestive tract, unlike antibiotics, which are synthetic and invite antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Knowing and understanding the components of each plant, Herbalists must know of any herbal interactions and which herbs are required to produce the desired effect. This requires a lot of education and experiences and is therefore advised patients looking for alternatives seek advice from a certified herbalist.

There are over 750,000 species of flowering plants and only a very small number of plants have been thoroughly studied. There is so much more that we can learn from herbs and their effects, if more specialized research and studies are conducted.

Herbs can legally only be marked as “dietary supplements” unless the product has been approved as either an over-the-counter or prescription drug. This makes it harder for the general public to learn what herbs are available and how it should be used, when herbal companies are restricted from marketing it correctly.

This leaves all concerned in having to make their own research and educate themselves on herbal treatment.

We remain hopeful that herbal medicine will prevail and be the future of treating diseases. Always read and do your research before making any decisions concerning your health, you only have one life!